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Reach highly engaged and targeted audiences in Evansville with our powerful multi-channel strategy.

Our Local Radio Brands Dominate the Evansville Market

Advertise your business on the radio and online.

At Townsquare Media Evansville, we reach 125,500 radio listeners across 5 stations as well as 353,647 unique visitors to our station websites and 157,879 social followers. We own some of the most popular radio stations in the area, but we use a combination of radio advertising and digital marketing to help local businesses grow.

Attract Customers With Our Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

Build your brand, impress potential customers and make sure people in Evansville who need your products and services can find you.

A strong online presence is an important part of every marketing strategy. When your customers hear about you and search for the products and services you offer, it is crucial they find YOUR website, and that site needs to be effective and look GREAT on computers, tablets and phones. Townsquare Evansville can help build you a personalized digital marketing package that includes a website and everything you need to attract your ideal customers as they traverse the web, including SEO (search engine optimization), social media, online advertising, SEM (search engine marketing) and more.

The best part? No long-term contracts and only one point of contact - no online support queues or automated helplines here.